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Device Installer Post here with any questions about using the Device Installer. Peer to Peer This category covers all aspects of making peer to peer (P2P) connections. Mobile Apps Post here to discuss applications of the mobile apps or to discuss technique involved in developing your own mobile apps supporting Web Portal Post here with any questions about using the web portal at
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About the Applications category 1 April 22, 2019
Posting to Raspberry Pi webserver from Azure Cloud Function 2 November 11, 2019
Batch mode installation 1 June 3, 2019
Using with node-red 1 October 1, 2019
Suppressing security warnings when using SSH on the command line 1 August 16, 2019 計画メンテナンス 4 July 16, 2019
Command line peer to peer initiator script for Linux and macOS 1 June 6, 2019
Connectd for Windows 4 June 20, 2019
Downloading and installing connectd on any Linux device 4 June 15, 2019 web portal release notes

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2 May 10, 2019
iOS and Android mobile apps 1 May 10, 2019