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Batch mode installation

In addition to the interactive installer and Bulk Registration methods, the attached file lets you run a “batch installer” on a device’s command line. This is similar to the interactive installer, except that all the choices are table driven.

[ Note: as of connectd package version 2.4.26, the connectd_register script is included, so you don’t need to download it. ]

connectd_register (3.8 KB)

Download this file to your target system then make it executable using:

chmod +x connectd_register

First, make sure that you have installed the connectd package. Edit the connectd_register file and find the section at the bottom:

# =============================================
makeConnection rmt3 65535 “$SERVICEBASENAME-rmt3”
makeConnection ssh 22 “$SERVICEBASENAME-ssh-22”
# makeConnection web 80 “$SERVICEBASENAME-web-80”
makeConnection vnc 5900 “$SERVICEBASENAME-vnc-5900”

For each Service you wish to install, just add a line here of the form:

makeConnection <protocol> <port> <servicename>

<protocol> should be one of:

  • rmt3
  • ssh
  • web
  • rdp
  • vnc
  • tcp

The “rmt3” Service provides the Device Name and is mandatory. It should also be the first entry in the table.

<port> should be the port that your service is listening on.


sudo netstat -lpn | grep tcp

to see the currently identified tcp listeners.

For the service Name, we currently use:


SERVICEBASENAME is set in /usr/bin/connectd_options and you can change it to be something other than the MAC address which is the default setting. It should be unique among all devices your wish to register to your account this way.

Once you have edited the connectd_register define the services you wish to install, you may copy this file to other systems or to your master image.

To run the batch installer, you can run:

sudo ./connectd_register

This will ask you for your account username and password. Alternatively, you can provide those on the command line:

sudo ./connectd_register username password

Example output is shown:

pi@raspberrypi:~/test $ sudo ./connectd_register password connection installer Version: 2.3.17 lib_v2.1.17
Modified: April 15, 2019 (library) April 17, 2019
Build date: Thu Apr 18 18:21:59 PDT 2019
SERVICEBASENAME = b827eb0252e3

Allocated UID: 80:00:00:05:3A:00:15:1B.

Registering b827eb0252e3-rmt3

Allocated UID: 80:00:00:05:3A:00:15:1C.

Registering b827eb0252e3-ssh-22

Allocated UID: 80:00:00:05:3A:00:15:1D.

Registering b827eb0252e3-vnc-5900

pi@raspberrypi:~/test $