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Downloading and installing connectd on any Linux device

Please see these pages at our documentation site:

Using the interactive installer

Supported platforms with download instructions

I have a RaspberryShake seismometer and a RaspberryBoom infra sound recorder. They have their own subset of Raspbian. For anyone trying to install on one of these devices, please note:

sudo apt install connectd

does not work/is not available. You need to use:

sudo apt install weavedconnectd

I STRONGLY suggest that people NOT use the weavedconnectd package. It is deprecated, although it works OK with current functionality, it will never be updated.

The connectd package is only available via “apt” if you are using Raspbian Stretch. For other flavors of Raspbian, or any other Linux running on the Pi, please try:

curl -LkO
chmod +x ./
sudo ./

Yes, that worked. Thanks Gary.