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Installing on OpenWRT 18.06.4

Installation on OpenWRT has a few particularities that you should know about in the event you wish to use on an OpenWRT system. This test uses the 18.06.4 OpenWRT image for Raspberry Pi (Broadcom 2708) which you can find here.

I connected a keyboard an monitor to my Raspberry Pi.

Initially, OpenWRT starts up in router mode meaning that the ethernet port is the “LAN” connection to the router running a DHCP server. For this reason, it is not immediately possible to connect the Pi’s ethernet connection to your LAN. First, you will have to connect the Pi’s ethernet port to your PC’s ethernet port and configure your PC to the static IP address of

Then you should be able to access the OpenWRT LUCI interface by typing into your browser’s URL field. By default there is no password needed to log in as root.