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One Raspberry Pi overriding another Pi

I have an intermittent issue where one of the Raspberry Pi’s that I use (Pi 2) temporarily overrides another one on my account (Pi 1).

Pi 1 was added to the account long before Pi 2. Later, I created Pi 2 from a backup image of Pi 1, uninstalled, reinstalled it, configured the connections (with a different name for the device) and everything worked fine for several weeks, until about 16 August 2019. For a while on the 16th, attempting to connect via SSH to Pi 1 would actually connect to Pi 2, while HTTP connections to Pi 1 worked normally. The remote IP address for the two Pi’s was even the same for a while. Then the problem resolved itself, for a while.

Today, the problem is back and also affects HTTP connections. This means that I can’t connect to Pi 1 at all as every attempt ends up at Pi 2.

Any advice is welcome.

Never mind, the problem was that Pi 2 has an old installation of weavedconnectd that came to life and still had the settings from Pi 1, so in effect I had weavedconnectd and connectd running on the same Pi, with weavedconnectd on Pi 2 interfering with the connection to weavedconnectd on Pi 1.

Thanks for letting us know you got it sorted out. Having a cloned configuration will cause that sort of problem.