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Using as websocket gateway

Hi ,
I am absolutely new to the community and the product, although i feel this is the right place i can take help from.

I have seen tutorials ,where ports of raspberry was controlled remotely using this platform,can we do the same with websockets?
Suppose, i have a web socket server hosted on my raspberry pi 3b+, how can i use to generate a publc ws /wss url to be used over anywhere in the internet?


Hi Shariq,

Please review our connection API as described here.

This gives you a proxy connection URL which you can use from your location. If you disable IP restriction by setting the hostip parameter to “” in the /device/connect call, the returned proxy URL and port can be shared with other people for connection, but this connection times out after several hours, or as soon as you run the /device/connect/stop endpoint.

You may also wish to investigate making peer to peer connections:

although peer to peer connections are not shareable URLs, they are persistent localhost:port addresses that you can use from the client on which the Desktop is installed.


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