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Windows and macOS Beta App

Here’s your chance to test for macOS and Windows Beta . With this app installed, you will be able to::

  • Have a persistent IP address and port to connect to (no more copy-paste from the portal
  • Get faster performing p2p connections
  • Connect to your remote devices without signing into
  • App auto loads on boot and is accessible via the menu bar/system tray
  • Remember device connection state
  • Performance fixes and various bug fixes

Join the r3Beta program to test future beta apps.

Just tried the new version 1.9.4 on Win 10 and it’s excellent!!
A vast improvement over the old connectd (Ver 1.7.10) that I have been using.
And it remembered all my devices.

The old version would drop out at random, requiring a reboot of the machine.
Let’s see how this one goes on that …

Thanks for the feedback! Let us know if anything is not meeting expectations.