API for getting active connections by device

I just started using the GraphQL API, in python.

I would like to accomplish the following:

  • Given a device name, find the ID (solved)
  • Given a device ID, return all available services for that device
  • Given a device ID, return any active connections. I am looking to get the SSH proxy address and port

There does not seem to be support for connections other than creating/deleting them (a GraphQL mutation).

I would like to read the current list of connections (a GraphQL query).

If I create a connection in the Web UI, there doesn’t seem a way to get the connection information in the GraphQL API.

We have documentation and an insomnia collection with sample queries available on this page:

We are constantly adding to our API. You can explore the schema in Insomnia using the schema tool and if you find you would like a specific example, please post here.

Thanks! Using insomnia’s space+enter hinting is working well. So far I have this query:

query {
	login {
 		devices {
		  items {
				services {
					endpoint {

I’m looking for the proxy address like so. Which fields do I need to query to get the proxy host and proxy port?