Desktop V3.15 Feb 16, 2023

Includes CLI v3.0.17 and connectd v4.17


  • Support for OIDC identity providers on Organizations
  • Display user email in avatar menu
  • More device list sort options
  • Mac and Windows ARM system support
  • Native agent support for ARM processors
  • Users of an organization will access all their organization owned devices and networks while in the context of their organization

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed agent startup on system boot
  • Improved named connection certificate handling
  • Update Windows system tray icons
  • Added robust network detection event, to handle if it goes offline, wifi change or routing change or internet disconnects
  • Fixed crash, If password length is less than 7 or greater than 64 characters
  • Fixed agent connect at boot if network is not up already
  • Fixed Google sign in issues
  • Fixed agent returning from uninstall before stopped
  • Removed requirement to restart a connection to refetch or update its certificate if expired or invalid
  • Remove TCP service types default launching with URL
  • Fixed connection count in sidebar
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements