Pricing Update Effective June 1, 2023

Effective June 1, 2023 due to escalating infrastructure costs, Remote.It will be enforcing limits on device/endpoints per accounts. All paid accounts will be provided 5 devices and will then receive an additional 3 devices/endpoints per Professional user license and 10 devices/endpoints per Business user licenses.

Q: I purchased an annual license which renews in September, when will the new limits affect my account?

A: The limits are effective June 1st and after a 30 day grace period they will be enforced in your account until the number of licenses necessary to lift the restrictions are purchased. As an annual plan subscriber, those purchases will be prorated to your renewal date.

Q: I have a monthly license that will renew on June 20th, when will the limits be effective on my account and do I need to do anything at renewal time?

A: If the number of devices/endpoints in your account are not affected by the limits, there is nothing you need to do. If your account is affected by the limits then you will need to purchase enough licenses to ensure full access to all of your devices/endpoints at renewal. There is also a discount for annual renewals that you can choose to do at renewal.

Q: I have a large fleet of devices and am interested in negotiating a longer term agreement than one year, who should I contact?

A: Enterprise license agreements are available for organizations that have over 2000 devices/endpoints or over 200 users. Those inquiries or requests for agreements longer than one year should be directed to

Q: I am a personal user, who is using Remote.It to access some equipment that I have at home for non personal use & I have 4 devices. Can I use the free plan?

A: Yes, provided your use is for non-commercial use, you are able to use our free plan. However if you ever do go above 5 devices, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Q: I am a business and I use Remote.It to access my cloud services and on-site equipment and have 4 end-point/devices that I’m connecting to, am I able to simply use the free plan?

A: Since you are using Remote.It for commercial use, you will need to upgrade to either our Professional or Business level of service.

Q: I am a company that uses Remote.It and have 50 devices but we only have 3 users in our company that use the service, the payment increments seem to go by user not devices, what should be purchase.

A: Professional user purchases provide an additional 3 devices/endpoints per user, while Business plan user licenses provide 10 devices/endpoints per user. To get to your device count of 50 for Professional licenses, you would need to purchase 15 user licenses: 15 x $10 = $150/month (shown at the annual price) or four business user licenses: 5 x $25 = $125/month. Since you only have 3 currently active users, we would recommend going with the four business user licenses, since you would then get the full suite of organization features and would also have 2 user licenses available if you add team members.

I am a small IOT Developer and I added services to my IOT devices. I don’t access them all the time, I access each IOT device once or twice a month for a couple of hours at the most. The only reason I signed up for the monthly service is because of the unlimited end points.

Now I realize $10 is a good deal and I was waiting for a price increase. But the new pricing structure is insane and puts developers like me out of touch of devices.

I have 70 devices in the field that I help maintain and according to your new pricing scheme I go from paying $10 / month to $175. That’s a huge price difference!

You really should have a pricing option based on usage or number of concurrent connections not just on users / endpoints. Otherwise small guys like me are effectively out of business since we can’t maintain these small IOT endpoints!

We appreciate your business and understand the financial impact to your business. I sent you a PM

Same for me, in my company we have at least an hundred of iot devices that we connect to them only if something goes wrong or for the initial configuration, in the legacy platform you are turning off more and more features and they are not in the “new” platform, like scripting or search by something more than the name of device, that for this service could be only basic features. Today I also noticed that some devices were also unregistered from the account and the new services that I register are visible in the new sometimes and not in the legacy and viceversa. This service became more unreliable and now you charge more

The legacy portal is going to be deprecated and eventually decommissioned. Scripting is still offered however only via the legacy portal at the moment.
As far as search, it is available in the portal at and in the Desktop application. If you are having issues with search, please create a new topic so we can troubleshoot this. You should make sure that you do not have a filter on the list as well.
We have not had complaints about reliability, please start a new forum post to explain what you mean by reliability. We take this seriously.
When you do not have the proper licensing for devices, they will appear as unlicensed. Depending on your device count and rate of projected growth, we may be able to offer a custom Enterprise plan. I will send you a PM.

We are in the same situation. We manage126 devices (RPI’s) for a customer and should go from $50/month to $390/month with 13 licences while I only need 1.
I understand everything is getting more expensive but not x8. This is hard to explain to a customer.

Replied to you via PM.