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Two small UI changes that could greatly improve productivity


The current layout of the portal is the one on the left side of the image.

It can select either all devices or one by one. One suggestion we (in Papinotas) have is to enable the option to select devices by category. This could be implemented by adding a checkbox next to the category, as in the right side of the image.

Another suggestion / bugfix that could be implemented is that right now if some status columns (A, B, C, D, E) changes the checkboxes are cleared. This is cumbersome when trying to run two different bulk scripts in different devices. The execution of one script interferes with the selection of the devices to run the other script. So if the checkbox selection persisted it would be appreciated.

Aside from those issues the service is of great utility for us. So we are interested to see it improve.

Thanks for your input, I have passed this to the development team for review.

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