Android App Static Port Numbers Possible?

Hello All, Using the Android app to make a jump connection to a Crestron control system through Starlink and works just fine. My only real issue is that every time you disconnect / re-connect on the Android Remote.It app, you get new arbitrary port numbers. When this happens, you have to manually go into the Crestron App and update the port numbers to use to make the remote connection. Would really be nice is you could always make the Android Remote-It app use the same port number each time you connect for both the TCP and HTTP connections in this case. Would love to hear opinions or ways to improve on this idea. TIA -Jay

When using the Android App, you can set a port for the connection prior to making the connection, by clicking the connection configuration and setting a port (pick something up in the 33000-34000 range and make sure you do not reuse it for another connection). In addition if you do not quit the app or close the connection you should just be able to use the connection information indefinitely. When not in active use, it will go into an idle state until the phone or an app on the phone tries to use the connection again.

Excellent! Thanks, Brenda!

Ok, we are good to set up our own port numbers for the connections, but we still have to re-setup the port numbers if our phone reboots or if the Remote.It app gets closed. I really need those port numbers to be sticky if possible. An end user can be asked to open and make connections before using the Crestron App, but expecting them to re-setup the port numbers being used might be too much of an ask. Hope this might be possible. We are soooo close! :grinning:

The current version of the android app (v1.1.3) does seem to have a transient bug where the port configuration doesn’t always stick through an app close and restart or the phone rebooting.
I am not able to give any ETA on fixes, but I can offer that you could add the port you want them to use for the connection to the “connection name” which is just above where you set the port. I know it isn’t the most ideal, but your users will not need to remember the port. If they go to the app and need to reconnect and they see that the port is “-” then they can just edit the connection port using the value shown in the connection name.

Great idea! Thanks! -Jay