Home Assistant OS Remote.IT Add-in

I am wanting to install the add-in from the Home Assistant Store for Remote.IT but this app isn’t available in the store. You can search by using a “repository URL”. I am not locating anything in the remote.it documentation. Does anyone know the repository URL for the app to be installed within Home Assistant OS?

Thank you!

Not sure there is one. I know people are using remote.it with home assistant buy attaching remote.it to port 8123, but I haven’t looked in a few years.

Probably can just use the one line installer at the shell and it would work.

I’ll look at the add on stuff, but probably nothing would be developed unless someone that knew remote.it well started using home assistant.

I just looked at home assistant OS Seems like just a collection of docker modules. So you can run remote.it on the host OS or run it as a docker module in the home assistant subnet and you would be good to go.

Just point a service at either the exposed home assistant port, or if in the docker subnet, the internal IP:Port