Idle Time out change option not available for Public Proxy

Hello there, I cannot see Idle timeout options in Devices > Routing > public poxy however if I am in adaptive I can see the setting.
For public proxy where can I set the idle time period more than 15 minutes?

Screenshot of Public Proxy

A public proxy does not have a configurable timeout as it is temporary.

Do you want to have a url that is persistent that you can give out to other users? If so, you can create a persistent URL for any web service (http or https). The URL can be shared with anyone or anything, no Remote.It account required. Please read the article on the details.
Learn More here: Persistent Public URLs for HTTP/HTTPS

Hi bstrech thank you for the reply. But I am not trying to connect device via HTTP/HTTPS. I am connecting via TCP. And it is for streaming.

If that is the case and you need other clients/users to connect, I would suggest that you share the service with them and they create their own connections via the desktop app. This will preserve the url and port for them so that they can reuse it without a reconnect. It will reconnect on demand.