Unable to Enable Persistent public url in the Dashboard for some Devices


I am trying to enable the “Persistent public url (beta)” option in one of my listed Device(s) from the Dashboard but said option appears to be greyed-out. According to my employer, we should be able to enable those option for all the devices we currently have. Could you help identify and solve this issue?


Guruh from Ackcio

Persisten public urls are only supported for HTTP or HTTPS services at this time. Can you clarify the service type?

Yes, we are trying to turn it on for the HTTP service in our device.

This device is not owned by you and is owned by another user. Making a public url can be a security risk as so it is reserved only for owners of a device or if you belong to an organization, then you must have “Manage” device rights.

The owner of the device can enable the public url and then you will see the url OR they can create and organization and add you as a user with Manage rights.