Persistent connection for HTTPS service in my LAN

I am new to RemoteIt, so hopefully the problem I am running into is not due to my cluelessness :wink:

What i am trying to do:

  • I have an solar/battery system at home (Enphase Envoy) with HTTPS service that I want to make public.

What I did:

  • I read the manual “Persistent Public URLs for HTTP/HTTPS (Beta)”
  • I downloaded the desktop app on my Macbook
  • DHCP static IP address for my solar/battery system
  • Created an HTTPS service for the solar/battery system
  • Enabled to “persistent public URL” feature (BTW, what a brilliant feature) (no password)

When going to the persistent public URL ( I am getting a web page with

  • {“message”:“Internal Server Error”}

Other “tests” I performed:

1- I can access the solar/battery system from the internet when using a non-persistent connection
2- I try to create a persistent connection for another HTTPS service (configuration page for my home WIFI router) and I am getting the same error message as above.
3- I was able to create a persistent public URL for an HTTP service.

Please note that the HTTPS certificates for my WIFI router and my solar/battery system is not signed by known authority (could this be the issue?)

  • Firefox says “Error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER”
    Sadly, I do not have conttrol on the HTTPS certificate used by the HTTPS services.

We have found that we do have some limitations on HTTPS connections.
However, if you notice that the url you are given for a Public URL is always HTTPS.
Are you able to access the endpoints on your LAN using the internal IP address with HTTPS (not public)?

Hi bstrech,

Yes, I am able to access in both of these cases:
1- Locally when I am in my home network LAN
2- Using a non-persistent RemoteIt connection

Does this work when you update the Service type to HTTP and do you need a path on the URL or do you know if the Web Page being served actually does a redirect?

  • Yes, I can make it work (create a persistent connection) for another HTTP service
  • The HTTPS service for which I want a persistent public URL does not do any redirect (simply returns a json doc)

Sending you a PM so we can figure it out.