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New to a few questions and use cases

Hi All, very excited by what (I hope) can provide. I’d like to start with what my current needs are and hopefully I’ll be able to get some answers to my questions.

I currently use a 4G+ network connection with EE (UK) and only just found out that they use CGNAT which basically means I don’t have a unique external IP address as the one provided is ‘shared’ this this rules out hosting services on my Synology NAS (Surveillance Station, Web server, Docker etc).

I installed on a ‘spare’ raspberry pi and its all working on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis but I really want to take advantage of peer 2 peer connection as opposed to proxy connection so that the ‘address’ for the services stay the same.

My questions are:

  • I see that there is a connectd daemon for Linux but it this possible to install on a Synology either via a native package or via a docker image? I’ve checked but unable to find anything. I’m reluctant to root my NAS to install any hacks so would prefer an ‘official route’.

  • Is it possible to use to expose web services etc persistantly using p2p?

I’m sure there will be other questions raised from this but that’s my started for 10 :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hi apt, thanks for the questions.

We’ve used remoteit with Docker for some test applications so at that level we’ve had reasonable results. We’ll look into the Synology NAS application and if we come up with something I’ll post it here.

Regarding a persistent connection, take a look at info on using peer to peer (P2P) connections. This can create a persistent connection from your local machine to the remote service available on a localhost address, e.g. The P2P connection also has improved data throughput as the data is not routed through a proxy server. When you make a connection through the web portal, the authentication and data are routed through servers. In P2P mode,’s servers are only used to authenticate the initial connection.

I understand it’s possible you are looking for a fixed URL which you can simply use anywhere directly in a browser without installing an app. We do not offer that at this time.

To support P2P connection mode, we have desktop apps for Windows and Mac which you can access here:

Programmers will be interested in using the connectd daemon directly to initiate P2P connections from their custom applications.

Let me know if you have any questions about using P2P connections.

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Thanks for your detailed reply, Is there a docker image available I could use to perform some tests to see if this is something that would work for my use case? happy to provide beta testing :slight_smile:

Not at the moment. We’ll put a message here if/when we come up with such a thing. Could you add some detail as to how you would use in conjunction with Docker?

I run Docker on my Synology DS918+ and having as a Docker container would allow me to ‘point’ requests to the various services I have running both in Docker and natively on the Synology. It would be the equivalent of having a Raspberry Pi connected without the hardware overhead.

All right. Thanks for your input. At the moment we are probably not going to be able to supply you a Synology compatible Docker container any time soon. However, I am reasonably confident that a Raspberry Pi set up using a “Network Service” on the same LAN would allow you to remotely access your NAS.