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Desktop Beta Program

The new Desktop beta app makes it easy to use your services. Please review, test and provide feedback as part of the beta program. Thank you for your help and we hope you enjoy!

Powerful connections

Every connection in Desktop is a direct peer to peer connection for the fastest speeds. Peer to peer connections also have the benefit of persisting until manually closed and feature throughput monitoring:

In addition the desktop app allows you to share a connection with other users on the network. You can connect to a remote device and allow other users to connect to it through your system on the port you choose. Your local shared connections have the same great security as a remote proxy, only on your private network.

Advanced users can easily change the local IP Address and Port that your connection is bound to.

Quick launching

Having persistent connections makes it easy for you to bookmark and use in the background, but if you are in the app, you can also launch a few other services with a single click. HTTP, SSH, and VNC are all supported integrations.

Hosted services

You can now easily setup a device through a simple interface. Mac, Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Raspberry Pi can all be quickly set up to host any local services. Web sites, SSH, VNC and RDP are common services people make available. And now with desktop you can also even share the Desktop admin panel so that you can remotely manage your services and connections.

When your system is set up as a host it will even run in the background as a system service, so you don’t even need to be logged in to access it through

Advanced users can even jump host services from other systems on the local network. So if you would like to stream a video camera feed through without installing anything on your camera, it’s easier than ever. You just have to specify a “Host IP Address” of a system on the local network.

Network scanning

Local area network scanning is now built in. Scan your network for local services and add them quickly and easily with a click:

Advanced users with two networks connected can even share connections across either network in out of band mode. For instance if servicing a system on a private connected network you could connect your cell network and provide access to the private system.


Download for the following platforms from GitHub:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Ubuntu Linux