Unbuntu 24.04 desktop manager not working

This is not connecting to ubuntu - this is connecting FROM it - create tunnel and then connect to another host (linux/ssh)

Once the Destop app installs - it asks for sudo permission to install the service
which it installed fine

terryr@mmmm:~$ ps aux | grep remote | grep root
root        8957  0.0  0.0 1238608 16304 ?       Ssl  08:09   0:00 /opt/Remote.It/resources/remoteit run --config /etc/remoteit/config.json

but the desktop app still produces this error

Connection Error
config - you must be signed in to perform this operation

Can you check if you have a /etc/remote.it with a config.json in it?

we are thinking this is because the /etc/remoteit/config.json is not there or not writeable for the software/

We have this ticket that post about it:

Let me know if that





Directory didnt exist - made it
file didnt exists - touched it (empty file) in new directory

code now works

given this is a fresh install - maybe make the dir and file if its a dependancy on running the code.

also - why does the service have to run as root? not very linux-y and not very safe.

OK We are trying to track why that is happening and on what version.

The software actually does not require root, depending on how you use it, but the current package is not setup for that at this time.

We recommend using docker for now if you want to isolate the software.