DNS stupid question

I may be being dumb (likely), but is it possible to add the public URL as a CNAME to allow me to run a server on my network? I have a Starlink and the usual DDNS does not work. Remote.IT is sooooo close to what I need so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong?

I have remote access working perfectly, but I would like to have www.example.com redirect to the Remote.IT url. Is this even possible and, if so, what is the best way to do it?

Please be genetle with a rank amateur!!


Currently we do not have that function since we would have to generate a certificate for that domain since these are only https connections.

It may be possible some day but not on the current roadmap

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I think I have a workable solution using my external VPS and then your redirect in Apache.

I have my website working fine but still struggling with a subdomain on another port (not 80 or 443). Any suggestions?

Did you set the target to point to that port? Does it have to work in conjunction with the main website? Does it need the subdomain “name” to work? Or can you use the IP address and port on your local network?

Anything that you can reach with a local IP address on your local network is trivial to share with remote.it. If you need the actual name to work on your local network, then its a more advanced configuration.

IE might get you to a synology panel for example, this is easy to share with remote.it

Thanks. Yes, it is the more advanced version that I need since I want to have a certificate for the actual name. A simple IP address won’t do it. When I use LetsEncrypt, the main site works fine but the redirected port gives an error on certificate renewal.

Your not going to get certs to work with IP addresses, they need resolvable names.

Our software will provide you with a cert for our names, and it should happily connect to your endpoint without error.

Just set the target for https://yourname.com:port on an HTTPS connection.

Thank you! This is exacatly what I was looking for. Appreciate your help.

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