Starlink Port Forwarding

I’m interested in your service in port forwarding for starlink internet and wondered how it all worked.

I would like to forward a small range of ports to one computer I have and possibly an inbound VPN end point.

Setup for Starlink really isn’t different from our regular setup for any devices or connections since we do not care about the carrier nor do we need a public IP address.
I am not sure if you already saw our article on Starlink here: Medium: Trouble with Starlink

You install the Remote.It software on a device and define the ports (Services) which should have access.
We have a package for a Synology NAS which you can find instructions via
If the NAS is running directly on the PC, you can just install directly on the PC. Otherwise, if the NAS is separate and you cannot install Remote.It directly on it, you can use a PC or router on the network which is always on to act as a Jump Server. Description and Instructions here: Network Services - Jump Box

Each person makes their own connections to the device and uses the connection information provided to them for connection. In order for them to have a url and port that doesn’t change, then you can use the desktop application to create the connection which will go idle after a period of not being used, but will re-establish when your application attempts to use it again.

Here is the information about sharing.

This is safer than port forwarding since you do not have a port that is discoverable on the open internet.