Sharing a connection over a public IP

Greetings! I have an IED device in a site of mine behind a CG-NAT network that I need to access through TCP/IP from another site for which I do not have any control over and can’t really install anything there, so I must make such device available through a public IP address.

My plan is to use to integrate this device to a third network elsewhere that has a public IP address and then use the “LAN sharing” feature that has (with no IP restrictions whatsoever). In order to be able to port forward into the device hosting the connection. (Virtually giving the IED device behind CG-NAT a public IP address of it’s own, if that makes sense.)

Does anyone have any experience implementing this kind of solution? Should it work?

Thanks in advance!

In order to make this work, you will need to install on the IED device or a device that is on the same LAN or at least has access to the LAN as the IED device. Typically when you have a CG-NAT network such as cellular or satellite (Starlink), you do not have a public IP address.
If you cannot install directly on the device you can use another device to act as a jump host. This can be a lightweight device such as an OpenWRT travel router. You can review this setup here Network Services - Jump Box
This will also not require any open ports for the connections.
LAN Sharing is a different concept where you have 2 computers/devices on the same LAN and only one makes a connection via to the remote device. Then the computer/device which made the connection can share it with other computers on the same LAN. See documentation here: LAN Sharing

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