Connecting to a Network Video Recorder through Starlink

Can I connect directly to my NVR on Starlink? I get confused that I might need a computer to make a jump to the NVR. Any directions would help. Thank You in advance.

Unfortunately I cannot say yes it will work without a jump to the NVR since each system is different.

It depends on if you can get SSH access on your NVR system and install If you cannot you will need a jumpbox to provide the access. If you determine that you cannot install Remote.It directly, then here are the instructions to set up a jumpbox. Network Services - Jump Box

Things to note, if you are using an app to access your NVR and this app actually makes a connection via their server, will only work if the server making the connection is using Remote.It to make the connection which is highly unlikely that your vendor will support. If you typically access the system by a webbrowser, then should work for you.

I have experience with some NVR systems but not all since there are so many out there.

@greginlex if you cannot figure out if you can install directly, let me know the type of NVR I should be able to give you some pointers.

We use Dahua NVR’s and they are pretty state of the art.

I have many many customers we are installing Starlink for that are going to ask for port forwarding or some kind.

This is my personal installation that I am desperately trying to figure out how to make it work.


It is hard to tell from their website how they make connections with their Application. I havent worked with this NVR system yet. I will send you a private message so that we can chat and see if it will work. Once we figure out a solution then I will post the information here for other users.

I am a higher level dealer with Dahua and can get one on one direct support it needed.


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Hello! Where you able to resolve it? I’ve found a solution. If still needed do not hesitate to ask!

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