Connecting Synology NAS located on Starlink Network to Windows PC that is located on seperate local network

I am trying to figure out how to setup a Synology NAS to allow for me to control certain devices through a Starlink router which is located at a different location from a current local network that I am currently stationed at. I am trying to use a Windows computer to control/setup other devices on the Starlink Router network. How would I go about doing this using the Remote.It software? I have tried to use OpenVPN on both the Synology NAS and Windows PC to connect each of the two networks. Also, I have tried to use SSH and Windows Remote between the two. When I try to use either of services, I keep a getting an error message stating that the remote device (Synology NAS) is missing installed service. Any help would be appreciated.

It seems like you may be missing some of the setup for your Synology and Windows computers. Please review the setup for each:
With the windows computer, you will need to continue through the steps to " Configure Your Windows Computer To Accept Connections". On the Windows computer you can just start with “RDP” which is Remote Desktop. Please note this is not supported by Microsoft for Windows 10 Home.

Then, you could use your Synology NAS or your Windows computer to act as a jump box to the other devices/services on your network without the use of OpenVPN since you have no open ports with Remote.It, you do not need to expose your entire network and can set up access to just the services you need. See this article: Network Services - Jump Box