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Sharing on the Web portal

I have experienced some problems with sharing devices and services when using the Web Portal.

I have a number of devices registered that have SSH and HTTP services active, and the problem is evident on all devices (a mix of OpenWrt and ARM/Debian).

The problem is that if I share access to a device and select the services as part of the sharing request, the device shows up in the share recipient’s device list, but there are no services available for access.

If I then look at the share from my Web Portal, the services have been de-selected.

If I set up the sharing from the Desktop App, it all works as expected, and the shared services also show up correctly in the Web Portal.

So it appears that the Web portal is not effectively sharing the services.

Any info welcome.


We had some issues with sharing that were resolved within the past day or two. Please remove and re-add sharing to those devices and if you still have any issue please send an e-mail to for quickest response.

Hi Gary
Thanks for the update. It seems to be working correctly now.

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