Arch remote client New Motherboard

I changed the motherboard on my remote arch linux client. I have not had a chance to troubleshoot but wanted to ask if changing the MAC address or some other hardware identifier when changing the motherboard may cause a problem with
The remote client is not currently working. I won’t have physical access to it for a few days. Should I re-install the software?

Hi @Rich5 yes, you can expect that changing the device that the package is installed on will create a clone of the original device. The old one would show as offline. So start by checking to see whether perhaps that has happened. If you continue to face any issue, it would probably be quickest to uninstall the package and then re-install it.

Send an e-mail to if you have any further issues for quickest response.

I had to reinstall the remoteit client app on the system. Making a new remote device.

@Rich5 so is everything working OK?

Yes, the client is now working fine after re-installing.

Great, thanks for the update.