3.18.2 update problem

Today, after a reboot, I had the usual message that a new version of remote.it was available so I elected to install it. This worked as normal but then the remote.it application window that appeared was just a windows frame with no content, so I could do nothing with it. Stopping and restarting made no difference. In the end I had to uninstall, get a new download and reinstall, then everything was back to normal. I don’t need help on this, just reporting it in case I am not the only person for whom this has happened. Current remote.it version is 3.18.2 and I’m running Windows 11 Home version 22H2 OS build 22621.1702.

Thank you for reporting. Will test this scenario.

Just been presented with

I’m not useing this in earnest - I have it running in the background for another project so am not after a fix at present

Windows 11 may have been the cause of these problems. It needed an update. All seems OK now.

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