Near constant "Agent needs to be reinstalled" macOS Desktop

Every time I open the desktop app on my Mac (Monterey 12.4) I have to go through the rigmarole of being told that the agent needs to be reinstalled before I can access any remote machine / network.

Every. Time.

I’ve installed the desktop app, reinstalled and nothing helps.

Does anyone have any suggestions that will fix this permanently before I give up and go back to zero tier?

I appear to have solved the issue by removing the remoteit file at /usr/local/bin/

Sorry that this is a pain. Installing a new version of the agent is typically required due to an update of the underlying CLI and needs separate permissions to do so.

Can you check that you are the user profile where was originally installed. We would like to help you solve this. You can send in a support ticket so we can quickly figure out what is going on.