Unable to install agent on Mac OS 13.2

Im starting up the remote.it desktop app and its prompting to update/install the agent. I authorized it etc and after maybe a minute get the following error “Can’t decrypt file”. I’ve tried reinstalling the app. Not sure what im doing wrong.

Sorry that you are having issues. There are two things we can try to fix this.
First try to signout on the desktop app while the message is present by finding the r3 logo on the right side in the top bar of your mac screen (Typically you show the date and time)
Click on the logo, then your email address and then “Sign Out”, then quit the App.
Reopen the app and then follow the prompts.

If the above didn’t work, follow the instructions below. (Note, you will re-setup this Mac to accept connections and make new connections that may have already been started - these may have new ports assigned)
Quit the desktop app
Open the Terminal App
Copy and paste the following command to delete a configuration file:

sudo rm /etc/remoteit/config.json

Enter your system password when prompted
Restart the Remote.It Desktop App

This issue usually appears when there is a new Mac which is restored via Time Machine of another Mac. When this happens, the machine identity has changed. Can you let me know if this happened?