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New laptop with app causing issues when trying to connect to vnc?


I am using a new Mac laptop after restoring all data from a backup from my previous Mac machine. It seems now the app is no longer working as I receive the following error (certain identifiers removed for security):
Command failed: "/Applications/" -j connection modify --id .... --name ".... - vnc" --port .... --hostname ..... --restrict ..... --retry true --failover true --p2p true --enable false --servicetype 4 --authhash ...... --manufacture-id .....

Is there a way to uninstall and re-install this app so all settings are removed and I can start from scratch? For reference, I am able to connect via vnc using the mobile application on my phone so at least that is working.


Remove the file:


and restart the Desktop application.

Does it help?

Removing that file did get rid of the error - thank you!

Glad to hear it. Thanks for the update.