Remote.IT iphone app issues

I am able to successfully connect from my windows laptop to macOS with the desktop app VNC via desktop app, but unable to connect via the same service but on an iphone.

On my iphone, I installed both app and RVNC Viewer app. On my iphone, I have attempted while on same network on wifi and also on cellular network.The launch button is being clicked on and nothing opens. I copy the VNC Command and paste it into the RVNC Viewer app, and “no computers can be found”. Should I be using another mobile app to connect instead of RVNC Viewer app? I am unable to locate instructions on on mobile app how–tos.

Any guidance that can help me connect via my iphone app?

The issue of able to connect via VNC iphone app have been resolved and the resolution I found was using the “Public Endpoint” address such as “proxy21.rt3:io:****”, and not using the same VNC command address that I used for remoting in via a windows laptop.

Issue I am currently facing with the connection:
I am able to connect successfully while on my internal wifi connection, but unable to connect via on cellular data. I am also tested this on another wifi connection outside of my house and same error message occurs. I have also tested this with disabling and enabled for “Connect via Proxy” within VNC mobile app.

“Either VNC Server is not running, or it is using an incompatible protocol version.”
VNC Server requires a paid login via VNC, and I do not have this or want to pay for this service.

Is there a way to connect from outside of my house on a cellular network?

Found the resolution to this.

In order to connect from VNC mobile app, outside of the network the macbook is connected on, change or confirm the “Connection configuration” - under Advanced, has “Launch Method” with None. Then, can copy and paste the “Public Endpoint” into your VNC mobile app to connect successfully.

Hmm maybe the deep linking is not working on that VNC app you have installed. Mine still works when launched with vnc://proxy…

Which VNC mobile app are you running?

Issue resolved. I replied to comment for others who experience the same issue.