Mac to Mac over StarLink

How do I get Apple Remote Desktop on my laptop, to connect to my remote Mac? I have a VNC connection. launches Remote Desktop, but how do I configure that app to connect?

I’ve used the connection endpoint, which reverts to localhost. I’ve tried external and internal IP addresses.

How do I configure Apple Remote Desktop to connect over the VNC connection?

You will not use internal or external IP addresses. When you use a Remote.It connection, you will use the url and port provided in the blue box in your Remote Desktop or VNC client application. Might be helpful to know which application you are using and see a screenshot of both your Remote.It application connection and your client application. Just make sure that your personal information is not displayed such as email, password, and external IP addresses. The address is ok to show since it resolves to localhost when using the Desktop application and will latch and be temporary when using connections.