Setup a Plex Server

How do you set up a Plex server on Remote.It? I am on a Starlink connection.

Setting up a Plex Server access on Remote.It is the same regardless of if you are on a Starlink, cellular or regular cable/DSL internet connection. Please note that your transfer speeds will be limited based on the network connection. For example, we have seen some intermittent slow downs on Starlink network.

First, please install the Desktop application on the computer(s) you want to use to access the remote Plex server. See the downloads here. Remote.It Download Full List

Create a Account and verify it.

You now will need to install Remote.It on the computer running the plex server. Please see instructions here:
Getting Started - Connect to a physical device (Please note if this is a Mac or a Windows computer, you will follow the instructions including “Configuring this computer to accept connections” You will additionally add a new service choosing HTTP. Set this as the Service URL “” and set the Service Name to “Plex Server”.

Now that you have the service setup, you now can use one of the other computers Remote.It app to make a connection to the Plex Server. It should launch it in a browser window. You can bookmark this url in your browser. Please note, you cannot use a Plex application to use the connection since it brokers a connection using a public IP address and port which requires port forwarding.

You can also access your Plex server with a mobile device by installing the Remote.It Mobile application and making a connection as well and launching in a browser. Note here, Mobile application connections will not be permanent and you will need to reconnect after 15 min of inactivity or 8 hours max.