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How long should it take for remote device to register/connect?

Hi Guys,

Love this tool. But I have a question about how the device registers/connects to the service.

I set up a RPi locally and was able to register and connect to it. Super Easy!

I sent it to my partners 1000km away for installation. They plugged it in at their office to test. I thought it wasn’t working, we waited for a long time and the device never showed online in my desktop client. Then a few hours later I walk by and the desktop client shows it is online and I was able to connect to it fine.

Now they have installed it in the field. It is behind a cellular connection in the field and I have been waiting for about an hour and the desktop client still does not show it online.

Is there something I am missing here? Did I not configure the device/service correctly?

Thanks Everyone!

If it worked initially then it was set up properly most likely. Please send an e-mail to and I will send you information about firewall setup required to allow to work properly.



what package did you install on your RPi?

To be honest I am not sure. I just ran the apt install remoteit.

It seems to be working now. Is there a document anywhere that describe the connection methodoligy?

Send an e-mail to asking for firewall settings and we’ll send them to you.

Thanks Gary, I will do that.

I am thinking now the issues might have been network issues. As rebooting the router in the field the device came online in under 2 minutes.

Okay, thanks for the update.