Remote system showing 'offline'

I just found this forum. Posting here while waiting for Tech Support to get back to me.
I set up a Raspberry Pi for SSH and RDP access. I tested the access and it worked fine.
While it was in the field I was not able to connect so I had it sent back to our office and put it on our network. I fired it up and was able to connect via SSH and RDP.
I left the office for a few hours and now the Pi shows as offline in my console. However, I can connect SSH to it using Putty.
I just ran’s command “/usr/share/remoteit/connectd -n” and the end of its report was “> Looks compatible.”
I would like to understand what is wrong and is there a fix.

Hello Allen,
Since we resolved this issue offline with a support ticket, I am circling back around to explain the issue.

To recap, we found that on the device you were having issues, you had started with a device image provided by your software vendor which did not have any product installed. Then you installed connectd_installer which is our legacy product and also recently installed the device package via the one-line install. This device was online as the original name and the newer created device was offline. So the device was actually online, but with the original device.

Another device was created using a different method using the legacy product of the Raspberry Pi image which included the Raspberry Pi OS and desktop. You had installed your vendor software separately rather than using their image. At some point there was an upgrade of Remote.It software and potentially the Raspberry Pi OS which caused the RDP service to have issues listening via UDP rather than TCP. This device also had a bunch of connections started to some devices even though that was not the intent.

In the end, to remedy the situation, you will work through your fleet of already deployed RPis to re-image them with the base image from your vendor and then install via the one-line installer which will result in a new device on the Remote.It dashboard. You will then delete the old devices from your device list.