Cannot access raspberry pi via RDP on new install

I am just rebuilding some new raspberry pi systems (have several in the field and about to deploy some more) and have followed the Quick Install instructions on this page Installation - Remote.It. Ran that command on the raspberry pi and it installs as expected.

Once completed I went back to my Windows 10 laptop and my new device was there with SSH service. As I want to use it with RDP I added that service. Clicking on that service I get the connection information which I copy then paste in Windows RDP. It attempts to connect and comes up with an RDP error “An internal error has occurred”.

I can access any of my raspberry pi systems that were set up many months ago but any new installs (I’ve done this several times) I get this error. Same happens on my desktop, my laptop and my home computer. If it was occurring on only one computer I would think RDP has a problem on that system but because it is happening on all of them it is obviously something to do with the way Remoteit has been set up on the raspberry pi installation.

I can use SSH to connect to the new systems.

Any ideas?



Can you connect to the RDP service on that Pi when you are on the same LAN? Confirm this first to rule out if there is a configuration issue with the RDP server on the Raspberry Pi.

I connected my laptop to the same LAN - only units on that is the raspberry pi, an IP camera and my laptop.

Attempting to connect I get the exact same error


This seems to be a Remote Desktop issue either with your Remote Desktop Client or the Remote Desktop Server configuration. You can check the Microsoft support documentation for your solution. I see many reports and some suggestions on how to resolve it there.

Hey everyone, I made this video for RDP access.

How to Remotely Control Raspberry Pi 5? | Complete Tutorial #remoteaccess (

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