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Is it advisable to connect to an MQTT broker through

I’m running an MQTT broker on a gcloud compute instance and am considering using to allow clients to connect to the broker from anywhere with an internet connection. However, clients may change IP addresses when they’re disconnected and moved, and I believe that IP restrictions would prevent them from reconnecting.

I see a “Make Public” option to disable IP restriction, but there’s a note that IP restriction will remain off for the duration of the connection. Would this prevent a device from connecting after it’s unplugged and powered on at another IP?

The “Make Public” option is just for the duration of that proxy connection, which will automatically expire after a few hours.

When a device (endpoint) is disconnected, if it has any active proxy connections, those will all get killed, and then in order to connect you’ll have to initiate a new proxy connection.

You might also consider using a peer to peer connection, please see: