Mifi router webpage login

i need to be able to see my mifi config webpage from outside the wifi network.
The Mifi is ZLT M30

Have you been able to confirm that you can install Remote.It directly on the device? If so, then you should install remote.it and then just add the service with the appropriate type (HTTP or HTTPS) and then the confirm if there is a different port. i.e. if you are on the lan and just type the internal LAN address followed by a colon and some number? If there is a number after the colon, then this is the port.

When you cannot install Remote.It directly on the device which needs to support a connection to it such as some IP cameras or control panels, you can install remote.it on a device on the same LAN such as an OpenWRT or Raspberry Pi. We call this a jumpbox and other devices and ports would be a jump service.
Instructions for this can be found here: Network Services - Jump Box

Then whoever or whatever needs to make a connection to the service needs to use Remote.It to access it.

If it is individual users, please see this article:
Or you can use the Public URL if the service is HTTP or HTTPS: Persistent Public URLs for HTTP/HTTPS (Beta) Please note this is a beta feature and is subject to requiring a subscription when we remove it from beta.

If you will be using a machine to access it, for example you have a server which will access a webhook, SSH, RTSP feed or some other machine to machine protocol. You would install the Remote.It CLI on the server to establish the connection. See the documentation here: CLI Overview and Installation - remote.it