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OEM setting for raspi

when using network interfaces other than wlan0 or eth0 to supply the MAC address, it doesn’t work.
ie. when using setting:

the result of connectd_control shows that hardware id is wlan0 and regis key is eth0, no matter i have edited REG_ID_ADAPTER & REG_KEY_ADAPTER to any values, the result would be same

Hi elvischan,

  • which version of the connectd package are you using?
  • what interface names would you like to use for the Hardware ID and Registration Key?

The logic is contained in these two functions inside /etc/connectd/oem_settings and it may not be obvious how to change them.


Hi Gary,

  1. the connectd version is v4.8
  2. Hardware ID: eth0, key: wlan0, and i am using raspberry pi 4 with ubuntu 18.04 arm64
    I have written it into /etc/connectd/hardware_id.txt & /etc/connectd/registration_key.txt, and it works. But if you follow the doc here by editing /usr/bin/connectd_options with variable REG_ID_ADAPTER and REG_KEY_ADAPTER, it would not work…

Thanks, you are correct, the functions were rewritten in an attempt to automatically detect various scenarios, but just changing the variable declarations doesn’t work like it used to. Let me know if you need assistance modifying the functions.

thanks, it’s fine that I just use the command
ip -br link | grep '{{ INTERFACE_NAME }}' | awk -F " " '{print $3}' | sed 's/://g > /etc/connectd/hardware_id.txt'
to get the interface and write it into the file

Great, thanks for sharing your solution.

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