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Proxy Connection Ping/ms is very high

Hi there,

I use proxy connection to my raspberry pi 4 4gb with raspbian OS. The problem is that when i open a public connection which is for 8hrs duration using TCP for minecraft server, The given public url and port has a high ping. Is there a way to change or reduce the ping, or change proxy server location? I tested my public ip or our internet and it has a ping around 1-5 ms. While the proxy is 500-1000ms+.
Remote it Share conenction via Contact web portal is limited to 4. So i have to open a a public connection for others.

I know that raspberry pi 4 does not guarantee a stable server performance with 5+ players in a mc server. However, just in case it is for backup purpose or plan b connection.

Thank you. Im still new to remote it. Glad to know this service :slight_smile:

Have you tried using a peer to peer connection, which you can achieve using the Desktop application?