Questions on Ubiquiti

So I was trying to install remoteit on a Ubiquiti ER-X and it starts the process but eventualy fails for no /tmp found.
So I am not a normal user of Ubiquiti routers. I was wondering if there is any documentation for the Ubiquiti routers. I have been searching but not really found much information.

This seems to be an error that the user which you are trying to use or that the script executes under cannot create the /tmp directory due to permissions. Can you manually try to create a /tmp directory and set the permissions to allow a read and write by your user which you are installing remoteit with and then attempt the install again?
If you still have issues, please contact with the console output so that we can further assist you.

Please make sure that you have the latest firmware installed as well. You need at least “Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)”. If you have anything older like “Debian Wheezy” or “Debian Jessie” then it won’t work. Also, please check to see if you have “sudo” installed. We have a few known issues where scripts are running using sudo even though you are the root user. This is usually not a problem on the Ubiquiti Edge Routers but accessing the /tmp/ folder after a successful download of the file is a sign of that issue.

I would like to Thank you for the Replies, I have been so busy this week that I have put this on the back burner unti this coming weekend.
I am going to factory reset the device and start over as I may have created some of the problems for myself in setup. I am not familiar with the Ubiquti routers but that is about to change since discovering that it will work with Remoteit.