Status Mail are wrong

I have received a lot of off- and online mails today, so I’ve checked and saw that all devices are online, even the offline mail was sent.
Is there currently a mail issue?

Best regards

If your device fluctuates online and offline then you will get notices each time. We would not send multiple emails based on the way our system is setup. If there was a email issue, the email would be delayed in sending, but the quantity of emails would not change.
You can look at the device online/offline history by clicking on the device from the device list, then clicking on the device name at the top of the middle column, then on the right pane you will see a “logs” link. This will show you the online/offline and connection activity for the device. You can download this as well. The history is limited based on your subscription level. If you are on a Personal account it is 1 week of history.