Unable to open ssh tunnel

Hello all,

This is my first time using the CLI to make a SSH from one raspberry to another

At the docs I can see how can I add the Connection to a remote service:

sudo remoteit connection add --id --port --p2p true

After this step I do not know how to open the tunnel in order to access to the remote connection

I know at the GUI app I must open de connection before I am able to successfully connect

How can I open the connection and then connect?

Thanks and sorry if it’s very silly question

This is the screenshot, the state is ready and I think it should be connected

You can run the following command which will return the list of services if this device is registered to accept connections and the connections which have been started at the bottom

sudo remoteit status

Output would look similar to this:

You then would take the url and port to make the connection similar to this where pi is the username on the raspberry pi you are connecting to.

ssh pi@pet-r1-s6-rpi-bullseye64-ssh.at.remote.it -p 33010

I assume that if you are using a rsa-key you know the different syntax

Once you start using the connection it will change to connected. Then once the connection goes idle again, it will go back to ready.

Thank you so much for the reply, what you just mentioned it’s exactly how I am doing, but I receive this error:
kex_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
Connection closed by port 33021

What is worth to mention is that in the Type column of the connection does not appear the connection type SSH(28)

I think that is what is missing, if you check the documentation at the “Generate connection to service” there is no —type flag on the command

sudo remoteit connection add --id --port --p2p true

and if I add the flag --type it does not work for me

Thanks again!

The type of the service is part of the service definition when you set it up, not part of the connection. You can fix this by logging into app.remote.it, and then navigating to the service configuration for that device and service.

kex_exchange_identification is a pretty generic error.

You can try the connection again passing in the -vvv argument similar to this to see a verbose output:

ssh pi@pet-r1-s6-rpi-bullseye64-ssh.at.remote.it -p 33010 -vvv

Another thing you can do is look at the syslog of the target pi for the issue.