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access to a service fixed

Good afternoon,

I am testing the tool in free mode. How do I get access to a service fixed? And later how do I make it public? If I have a web server?

Hi Leonardo,

Take a look at info on using peer to peer (P2P) connections. This can create a persistent connection from your local machine to the remote service available on a localhost address, e.g. The P2P connection also has improved data throughput as the data is not routed through a proxy server. When you make a connection through the web portal, the authentication and data are routed through servers. In P2P mode,’s servers are only used to authenticate the initial connection.

To support P2P connection mode, we have desktop apps for Windows and Mac in beta test currently which you can access here:

You can use the “connect for Windows” app if you are on Windows and need to configure the Windows PC as a target (e.g. for a Remote Desktop Protocol connection). This feature will eventually show up in the desktop apps.

Programmers will be interested in using the connectd daemon directly to initiate P2P connections from their custom applications.

Let me know if you have any questions about using P2P connections.

However, this does not solve your desire to make the connections public.

You can make a connection public through the web portal, but this connection will expire in about 8 hours unless terminated sooner - as long as the tunnel remains active. See this link for more details: Proxy timeout behavior

When you make a connection, check the “Make Public” box:

Let me know if you have any other questions.