Change device name with command line RPi

I’m manufacturing Linux based devices, at the moment it is a raspberry pi, but that should not matter to the question.

I have scripts that run through an internal “setup new device” procedure where the device gets a serial number. I would like to use this device serial as the as the device name.

I cannot get a list of terminal commands for linux on the website, I remember seeing something like this a couple of months ago, but I cannot seem to find it anymore.

Can somebody please either give me the change device name command or the link to the full list of commands.

Thank you in advance.

Please try the command line version of, documented here.

If you have further questions, please send an e-mail to


Than you, but I’ve emailed support 10 times over the last month with other questions. Still no response.

I answer the support e-mails as well. You’re not getting any response to your support e-mails? That’s strange.

Did the command line version of the remoteit tool work ok for you?

HI Garry,

It worked, thank you.


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What questions did you send to support? I’m wondering why I didn’t see them.