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Connectd for Windows

Is it any different from what we had before? If it is, then it’s a cosmetic change.
And it only gives you access through the servers.

I’d be more interested in an improvement to connect.exe which is a horrible thing that Windows users must run to get P2P connections.

Hi TideMan,

I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the following P2P resources we have for Windows. We have other stuff in the works and understand your frustration.

Yes, that’s what I use, but it’s a dog.
Here are my complaints:

  1. It doesn’t remember me, so I must type in my email address and password each time.
  2. When you get in, it’s not at all clear what to do next. There’s a whole bunch of stuff in the top right part of the screen about Local Services. They appear to have no relevance. They’re always blank.
  3. If I click on a box next to a service, then Setup, I get all my devices listed, which is a bit weird. Why did I need to click on a box?
  4. Here’s the WORST part: the service randomly shuts down. Who knows why? And I must reboot the machine to get it back again.

The concept is great and when it works it’s great, but connect.exe could do with a facelift.

Tell us what you REALLY think! Seriously though, your points are well taken and we will take care to make sure the new application does not have these shortcomings. Thanks for your input.