How to remove completely Error 200

Hello, I have bought a used system with ubuntu on it and is installed from the prevoius owner. I also want to go using it but for security reasons I first want to uninstall it and to do a fresh install. The reason behind is I have seen the this machine is sendind DNS request to a lot of different adresses like “” for every seconds. How can I uninstall it completely? I tried with sudo connectd_installer and I logged in with my account. I used option 4 for uninstalling it and it gave me error code 200:

Are you sure you want to remove ALL Services? [y/n]
Connectd daemon start/stop script Version: 2.6.39
Stopping Connectdrmt365535…
Deleting hashi_big_brother… this may take up to 30 seconds.
Connectd daemon start/stop script Version: 2.6.39
Stopping Connectdssh22…
Deleting … this may take up to 30 seconds.

API call to failed!
Reason for failure: , Error code: 200.
Contact with this information.
Please press the ENTER key.

Then I registered the device to my account succesfully. After that I did this step again and again error code 200 and it still spams my DNS.

What can I do next to solve the problem?



There is no telling what you inherited. Its likely the device has already been deleted by the previous owner. Your trying to use the uninstaller that protects against doing something wrong, but in this case likely your devices was already deleted and this method would fail, this package is a few generations old and not our current best practice.

Best thing is to just uninstall the package.

you can run this command to find out what package is installed

apt list --installed | grep connectd

and if that does not turn up anything try

apt list --installed | grep remoteit

Once you have the package that was installed uninstall it with apt:

sudo apt -y purge connectd
sudo apt -y purge remoteit

depending on what was installed