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How to setup Openvpn client

I tried to add the following in ovpn profile, but it shown invalid hostname and IP. also second option but cant connect.

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Please give me more to go on, such as proof that your OpenVPN server is running.

e.g. what is the result of:

sudo netstat -lpn | grep ?dp

And show how your remoteit Service is configured.

Here are some other instructions
Install remoteit on the Pi which has OpenVPN installed. You’ll have to consult a tutorial about how to install and configure OpenVPN. I’ve tried it and it’s fairly complicated so I don’t have any specific suggestions.

OpenVPN is configured for UDP port 1174 by default.

In the remoteit web admin panel, add a service:

From your Windows machine, make a peer to peer connection to this Service. This will give you a repeatable connection point of the form

Put this into your client side OpenVPN profile.

Note, this example just shows where those values would go. They are not examples of connection server/port.

Let me know if you have any difficulty with this.