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Migrating remotely from existing dataplicity install

Hi All, I have a remote rpi running dataplicity. I wish to move to remoteit.

Any issues having both installed and running simultaneously?

I have to setup remoteit remotely via a running instance of dataplicty. I’ll then remove dataplicity. I’m concerned some conflict may prevent access while both are running.


I haven’t tried this myself. All I can tell you is that does not look for or purposely try to mess with anything installed by any other package or vendor.

I would try it on a device that you have local access to just to be sure.

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I have both running, no issues at all.

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Awesome. You saved me from setting up a test unit this weekend. Much appreciated!

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No problem. In fact, I deployed via Dataplicity as I had no on-site access to the device at the time! It was a small Pi Zero running on a 4G connection and apart from taking a while, I didn’t encounter any problems or dropouts with the Dataplicity service.

Thanks, @markp! So great to see our community helping each other out. Also happy to see that is working-out well for you.

Always keen to learn more about the different ways our customers are using I was curious, @kawitt, what made you decide to move to

Thanks so much - and please continue to reach-out to here or at if you have any other questions!


@kei my reason for switching was so I could manage other devices on the network - CCTV, heating controls, etc. I could sort-of do it with dataplicity but it involved various manual commands to map ports and wasn’t particularly intuitive.
I do still have dataplicity on there, but have only kept it as a fallback in case I had any issues - pleased to say that hasn’t been the case.


Hi @markp - thanks for the additional context for your use of So glad that you haven’t had any issues since switching over! Thanks for all your support :slight_smile:

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