Port device list correct but DT app wrong

If I login via web portal all 3 devices are listed and all is good. If I use DT app, only 1 device is listed and I can’t add missing devicces.

Please check the following:

  • You have the latest version of the desktop application (Click your avatar > Settings > Auto update is toggled on)
  • You are signed in with the same email address account
  • You do not have any filters applied to the device list (There should NOT be a blue dot next to the filter icon in the top right section of the screen)
  • If you belong to an organization, that you are in the right organization context. See Organizations As Members
    If you still find that you have a difference between the two, please post a screenshot of the two different applications. Be sure to hide any personal information in the images such as email address and IP addresses if visible.

I have desktop 3.3.1. (Linux) There is no Auto Update.

Same old email

There IS a blue dot next to the filter icon on the Devices screen.

The only organization context is my account.

If you have the filter blue dot, then click open to see what filters are applied and remove them.

Your version of desktop is very old. You likely need to manually update it by installing a new version. See Remote.It Download Full List to get the right download and install it.

https://www.remote.it/download-list?products=desktop is:

Linux Debian

Things are much better with the filter categories al "Clear"ed.

I’d still like to find the current version of the DTApp.

Thank you so much for your help.

I am only puzzled now by the purpose of the filter function. Why is it useful to make a Device disappear? Even more, why should a device disappear without a warning?

Now that I’m aware of the cryptic blue dot, I can recover when it happens again.

Thanks again!

And so now I can’t even login???

I get this message:

A verification code has been sent to. XXXX, please check your email then enter the verification code and update your password.

But no email with a verification code.

This is getting crazy!

You shouldn’t need to verify your account with Remote.It again once you have been verified. I will send you a message directly so that I can get a screenshot of the issue.

The filter function is primarily for users with large device lists who want to see them by device state such as offline so that they can fix an issue at the site or using the tags.